Bloody Briliant!
Poisonous Azure


Azure gasped, her struggling starting anew at the movement of the cables, and she writhed, trying to move away and being utterly unable to. She gritted her teeth, shaking her head back and for as if to deny everything that was happening. “S-stop it! Stop it!!” She yelped, straining her arms uncomfortably to try and get away, the cables digging painful as they held her in place. She shuddered as he drew closer and breathed into her ear, her eyes closing in a flinch. “Why are you doing this?!” She cried out, leaning her head as far away as her neck would allow her to.

He dived down to your neck kissing it, up to your cheek, concentrating on his work, one hand holding your jaw to lift your chin up as he once again kissed down and paused. “Hmmmm why? Oh i don’t know…maybe…because i’m in the mainframe?”, he glanced up into your questioning eyes. “O-oh nearly forgot…you don’t know what that is…oooh shame on me…Well, ‘s just a lil’ thing really. Helps me to concentrate.”, he chuckled biting gently your neck and licking the sore spot. “Helping me do stuff…like this.”, one cable rose between your legs, moving up and down, stroking. “Hmmmm…and this…”, he hummed, two cables swirled around your breasts, holding them and lightly massage them. “I hink you’re getting my drift now, my pet?”, he leaned up to you, his lips hovering over yours, smiling wickedly. The left eye started to go black too, the red intensify and swirling in circles in the black. “I’m corrupt…I’m Evil, a mad monster, and i want something i won’t get from any test subject…and you really remind me of that girl…”, he coed licking your cheek, grinning at your disgust face. “And i won’t let you get away with your taunts, you tease!”, he joked one palm stroking oer your holden breasts. He leaned down kissing you, tounge prodding at your lips.